georgia aquarium


On my recent trip back home, my family and I stopped by the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. As someone who complains about the summer heat a lot, I find aquariums ideal. Pretty, colorful animals that don't smell in a contained cool space... perfect!

Apparently everyone else thought so too because this place was packed on a Tuesday afternoon. Nonetheless, I managed to snap a few gems that captured some of the beauty of these creatures.

There's no Momofuku Milk Bar Exam today, but don't worry, I have something lined up very soon! And remember: FISH ARE FRIENDS, NOT FOOD.










Georgia Aquarium 357 Luckie Street, NW Atlanta, GA 30313 [entrance to parking garage] (404) 581-4000

tip: make sure to see the dolphin show that occurs at designated times throughout the day... I'm sorry I mean, dolphin 'musical'. It's very kid-oriented but still quite spectacular.